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(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
royalbk wrote in magic_item
Hi! :D

Recently got into coloring manga and I thought I'd share since reactions on tumblr have been unexpectedly good! :O

Click on each page to enlarge! <3

[06] Sailor Moon
[02] Magic Knight Rayearth

 photo SM - Coronation.png  photo MKR - P116.png

 photo SM - Meeting Me.png  photo SM - Neo Queen.png  photo SM - TK.png  photo SM - KE2.png
 photo SM - KE1.png  photo SM - Coronation.png

 photo MKR - P116.png  photo MKR - P115.png

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You're on tumblr as well? Apparently I have more patience than I knew...Endymion/Mamoru needs more love! <3

I'm @ashburns, and you? Yess, he definitely does! I wished we knew more about his Senshi though D:

Still royalbk. Forever royalbk on all the sites. xP

Shittenou need more love! And so do Senshi/Shittenou! *wants more art*

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