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(no subject)
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
royalbk wrote in magic_item
It's been a long time and I made plenty of manga colorings since I last posted! :D

[09] Magic Knight Rayearth
[05] Sailor Moon

 photo MKR - v01 64.png  photo SM - All our power.png

 photo MKR - v01 64.png  photo MKR - Secret3.png  photo MKR - Nature.png  photo MKR - Lonely.png  photo MKR - Guilt.png  photo MKR - First.png  photo MKR - Culture Shock2.png  photo MKR - Clemi2.png

 photo SM - Eternal SM.png  photo SM - Nightmares.png  photo SM - NQS11.png  photo SM - Wedding Bells.png  photo SM - All our power.png

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Wow, those are gorgeous! Very well done!!

Your stuff is always amazing! <3 *__*

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