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(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
royalbk wrote in magic_item
Oops, I colored plenty of manga panels but forgot to post them here!


[17] Sailor Moon
[04] Magic Knight Rayearth
[02] Misc (Utena, Skip Beat)

 photo SM - Lovers.png  photo MKR - End of a Legend.png

 photo SM - Cosmos 1.png  photo SM - Cosmos 2.png  photo SM - Cosmos 3.png  photo SM - Two Sides.png  photo SM - Moon Princess.png  photo SM - Morning 2.png  photo SM - Hurried Kiss.png  photo SM - Neo Mamoru.png  photo SM - FuturePresent.png  photo SM - Lovers.png  photo SM - Morning.png  photo SM - Kiss.png  photo SM - Sailor Princesses.png  photo SM - Silver Crystal.png  photo SM - Sleeping beauty.png  photo SM - Ill protect you.png  photo SM - Eternal.png

 photo MKR - For you.png  photo MKR - End of a Legend.png  photo MKR - Final.png  photo MKR - Will.png

 photo Movie_Manga.png  photo Skip Beat - Wanna join me.png

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These are all so lovely, definitely snagging the Fuu/Ferio one! :D

I am a lazy idiot, for not responding earlier



ignore the tumblr talk too. I spend too much time there, I think.


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