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(no subject)
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
royalbk wrote in magic_item
You're all used to my love for icon sets right? Another 20in20 this time for shoujochallenge! (go join all you shoujo lovers - they have 20in20s but also weekly challenges! ^^;)

This challenge entailed: 15 icons from one shoujo show and another five from another so...

[15] Magic Knight Rayearth
[05] Sailor Moon

10 Themes
Magic Fav. Character Rainbow Jealousy Web Lingo
Simple Rearview Pairing Chibi/Cute One Eye

5 Categories [Favourite Series]
CAT. 1 CAT. 2 CAT. 3 CAT. 4 CAT. 5

5 Artist's Choice
AC. 1 AC. 2 AC. 3 AC. 4 AC. 5

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Love them, especially the category set :)

I've always loved SerenityxEndymion and the five icons of Sailor Moon begged to be only of them. ^^;

Thank you m'dear! ♥

As always, I love all these icons. ♥ ♥ ♥

As always I love your comments...and as always I love that you take my icons and put them to good use.

Nothing more flattering than it! *ogles the love icon*


These are really pretty! My favourite is the Category set x)

Thank you - SerenityxEndymion are always love!

I adore them all, but the category, that one just blows my mind

You're the third person to comment on the category set - I'M SO GLAD THAT PEOPLE LOVE ALL THE PRETTIES THOUGH!


the category just so pretty~

Need I reiterate how awesome you are? -raises eyebrow- XP Kidding! But really, these are all so pretty~ I absolutely love all the Hikaru/Lantis ones - actually, all of the icons in the 10 themes are lovely! <3

(Speaking of themes, I just finished my otp20in20 claim! >.< Tell me how much I failed? >.<


XD I'm digging the web lingo one.

Ohhh Mokona. ;D

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