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♥ ~foxy lady's icons~

Hello y'all! This is royalbk - Andreea if you so wish - reporting that she's finally doing the right thing...which is 'making a proper icon community for all the people who don't want to know her but love the shinies she makes'.

Phew! That's some report. But, oh well. ^^;

Make yourselves at home around here - especially if you happen to be a Magic Knight Rayearth fan that is. I'm a big lover of the second season (that is not to say that I don't like the first - but the second makes my heart flutter happily and Hikaru is one of my favorite gals of all time *Hikaru/Lantis FTW*).

Mostly, I'm an anime iconer but it's not totally out of the question to see icons from real shows pop around like mushrooms after the rain. If the mood strikes me, anything goes.

~ R U L E S ~

1. If you take icons or banners, please credit either royalbk or magic_item (I swear, I've always wanted to say that! xD)
2. I won't begrudge you if you just credit and don't comment but if you've ever iconed, then you definitely know that commenting is love. It makes me feel like a special snowflake! ♥
3. Blank bases or can be taken and transformed in any way you like; or you can just use them as they are. I just make them for people who a) want the crops but don't have the time to make them or b) can't find the respective images on the net. the net is a complicated place I say! xDD
HOWEVER, I have to specify in the post that they're bases and that you're allowed to modify them! If I don't, NO modifying my work please! xP

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